About us

Enjoy the best and functions combined with Sporting Events.

 ULUSHA ELITE SPORT CENTRE is a sports facility based in the heart of Vereeniging.

It was acquired by a young passionate team in 2016 and has since then undergone renovations as the facility was found redundant.

It was registered as a Non Profit Company in order to ensure that we can bridge the gap between corporate and the local community through sports development programs.the center has grown to be an innovative Sports and Arts Centre that is also a home to RESA sports academy, Sedibeng Elderly Sports and Goalkeeper Institution.

ULUSHA ELITE SPORT CENTER hosts many other facilities apart from sports alone that can be utilized by the public in general and corporate entities. These facilities are for Hire, Events, Programs and Entertainment with clientele ranging from individuals to corporate entities, from new upcoming businesses to well established organisations, with the aim to establish and maintain relationships and make use of our level of expertise to offer best services of great quality. 

The facilities are available upon request

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool which can be utilised by:The general public, schools, swimming academies and the area can also be booked for events and functions


Gym which can be utilized by RESA Academy for training and staff members to promote healthy living.


2 Soccer Fields and 1 Multi-purpose Field can be booked for:These Fields are generally used by RESA academy for their practices and matches. They can also be booked by schools, institutions for their events, the multi-purpose field for athletics and other sports. The public can also book for their private matches, events and functions

Additional Services

CarwashThis is a service offered at the Centre at a cost to the public . Academy House & Admin block are facilities used by RESA Academy and also for all bookings.Security & Control houseThese facilities are for the safety of the Centre and all those visiting the Centre The Center does have enough parking to host any kind of events and functions

Our Services

Ulusha Elite Sports Centres Rates are competitive and together with the Facility we provide a service and an exceptional attitude. Give us a go and come and experience the Ulusha Hospitality. All facilities are rated according to different pricing depending on the location of the fields etc. these facilities are open to the public sector as well as the industrial and hospitality sectors. 

picnic area
ulusha conference hall end
Conference Centre image
ulusha conference 4
Ulusha Conference 1
picnic area cropped-cropped-Ulusha-Conference-5-1.jpg ulusha conference hall end cropped-ulusha-Sports-centre.jpg cropped-Ulusha-Conference-2.jpg Conference Centre image ulusha conference 4 Ulusha Conference 1 Auditorium

Per Event
Our Auditorium caters for 30-40 pax.
Per Event
Our boardroom caters for 12 People.
Meeting room
Per Event
Our meeting room caters for 6 pax

Hall and Picnic Area
Per Event
Enjoy the hall or picnic area
Lounge& Restaurant
Per Event
Come and relax in our lounge and Restaurant
Per Event
Bring your event to Ulusha


Having state of the art facility ranking in the highest of excellence.

become a leading, reliable, innovative developmental Elite Sport Centre.

To develop into a suitable service provider to the socio-economic upliftment of our employees and the clientele we serve through service excellence.

Deliver value to our stakeholders, partners and all clientele by continuously providing forward thinking creative solutions.

Our mission is to be a leading sports facility that offers various spaces to be enjoyed by families, utilised by corporates and offering various platforms for all kinds of developmental programs. 

Utilising the facilities within the Centre as a business hub to generate the Centre’s income for the upkeep of the Centre and the day to day needs of players and supporting staff in general.

To shape the future of the Centre by creating unprecedented values and opportunities for our sports academy, clientele, employees, stakeholders and partners.

To provide superior quality services that our clientele can recommend to others, our employees can be proud of and stakeholders seek for long-term returns.

To be trendsetters offering an outstanding level of service that meets the highest environmental and social standards.

To provide safe, reliable, efficient, accessible services.

Book a field

Field A
Per Event
R 550
Field A Soccer Match/Practice
Field B
Per Event
R 850
Field B Soccer Match/Practice
Field C
Per Event
R 350
Field C Soccer Match/Practice
Per Event
Field C Athletics/Schools or Athletics

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