Tactical Analysis

Tactical Analysis

What is Tactical Analysis?

Tactical analysis is a vitally important part of the game and it is a huge part in the future of Football. Most football clubs have a tactical analysis department.There are various types of analysis.Lets delve a bit into this.

Firstly we have team analysis and Individual analysis which we utilize to find stats and tactical breakdowns of opposition.Individual analysis can also be separated by our team vs their team scenario. It is a common practice to identify weaknesses in key opposition players through this process.There are individual reports set out with regards to this and various positions have various criteria. for example a goalkeepers positioning and movement will be slightly different to that of a central midfielder and the same would be said about the wide players vs the central players. Style of play as well as the individual strengths collectively can be identified through individual and group analysis.

Brentford FC have a book called the code of Football it delves into the processes they use to analyse players and teams objectively through watching games and following stats. Brentford FC are a football club in the Uk and have various budget constraints and small stadium so revenue is limited however have been competing in the championship and being in and around play off areas.They have done exceptionally well against bigger teams with bigger and better stadiums and resources. Through analysis and stats they have found a formula which can help them compete with the best the league has too offer.

There are examples of relaying the information . usually there is a plan set out for the opposition in the beginning of the week and the message is relayed through various platforms to players studying their oppositions and there strengths.

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